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  • dark-side-shared-hosting

    The Dark Side of Shared Web Hosting – Things You Need To Know!

    In June 11, 2014
    When it comes to getting your website publicly available selecting a web hosting service provider becomes your prime objective. Many newbies often get confused while selecting a hosting for their website as they are quiet unfamiliar with the wide range of options and plans available. Today, numerous hosting service...
  • speedup-wordpress

    How to Speed up Performance of Your WordPress Blog?

    In June 9, 2014
    The WordPress is becoming one of the prominent content management systems and gains a huge preference from webmasters, bloggers and internet marketer around the world. Flexible open source and a wide range of features like simple blog posting, plugin and widget installation, gallery management, and more, WordPress remains the...
  • create-a-wordpress-widget

    Why People Like WordPress CMS

    In April 17, 2013
    A content management system is used to manage the content of a website. With the help of content management system it is easier to make changes to a website without much knowledge of HTML, CSS etc. By having a content management system, the owner of a website is able...
  • transportation

    20 Catchy Transportation Logo designs

    In January 2, 2013
    As the picture from which your company or business is recognized is known as Logo. As the annual from which your accretion or business is acclimatized is accustomed as Logo. The Logo of the accretion is the a lot of important thing. When you anytime alpha your own business the Logo of your...
  • True Type Font for Windows

    The Charm of True Type Font

    In October 18, 2012
    What Is True Type Font? Fonts are used for the presentation of text on a computer. In the early history of computers, bitmap fonts were used for screen display and printing; these fonts were created individually for different size requirements. Unexpected results appeared with size variations of fonts, especially...
  • Shady Lane font

    20+ Way To Enhance The Text With Best Shadow Fonts

    In October 13, 2012
    Professional and seasoned designers knows that besides graphics and images in a creative design, it is also very necessary to set the fonts properly. The font transmits a certain feeling to your design and changes the overall impact. A lot of words are phrases add up to a usual...
  • A Simple Magazine theme

    Top 20 Simple Free WordPress Theme

    In October 11, 2012
    WordPress is a robust content management system in the internet world. It is easy to setup your own website with the help of WordPress. There are thousands of themes out there; great thing is that many of them are Free Simple WordPress themes while there are also WordPress themes that require...
  • nff08

    Beauty of Script Fonts And Useful Fonts Examples

    In October 8, 2012
    Script fonts are widely accepted and used in electronic and other media. They have a class, a feeling which distinguishes them from other fonts. Some people consider their usage limited to certain areas but actually they have a much prominent place in designing world. A number of prominent websites...
  • image_thumb69

    20 Ways For Switching To WordPress Mobile Theme

    In October 6, 2012
    Switching to WordPress Mobile Theme As more and more people are browsing on their mobile phones, it is becoming need of the day to customize your WordPress site so that it will appear in right format on any mobile browser. Most modern devices are now equipped with a nice mobile version...
  • 38043

    40 Best Fonts For Websites From Professional Designers

    In October 5, 2012
    Best Fonts For Websites It seems very exciting to choose very stylish and unique fonts for our websites, but in the real practice it is not very good to be freely experimental with the available fonts while designing a web page. Some designers who are not much experienced choose whatever...
  • Responsive-Fullscreen-Studio-for-WordPress_thumb

    Top 20 Best SEO WordPress Themes

    In October 4, 2012
    SEO WordPress Theme WordPress is an open source blogging tool and a robust content management system. It is based on php and MySQL as well. In the world of internet more than 16% of top websites are using it which speaks of its popularity. It was first released in...
  • 111

    Some Easy HTML Font Codes To Help Beginners

    In September 25, 2012
    HTML Font Codes HTML is abbreviate as “Hyperlinks Text Markup Language”. It is a difficult language for average person which is not easily understandable by every one for that reason we have collected some HTML Fonts Codes. As you know that HTML font codes is the old-fashioned method to...

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