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  • 2015-12-15 20.54.58

    Add Some Extra Cheer With These Christmas Decorations

    In December 16, 2015
    By now you probably have your Christmas tree up, your Christmas list started, and you’re just waiting for the 25th to roll round. Feels like limbo, doesn’t it? Thats why I took a stroll round Pinterest and found these 5 ideas you might actually want to try. 3D Paper...
  • vs vs; Your Best Choice

    In December 9, 2015
    There are two different types of WordPress: and Confusing, right? In this post we’ll look at the difference between the two and which is the best option for you. The .Com Version is a hosted service, which means that you create a blog on WordPress’s servers...
  • What is a WordPress Plugin?

    Plugin 101; What are WordPress Plugins?

    In December 2, 2015
    WordPress is extremely flexible; it can be an ecommerce store, a portfolio site, a brochure site, a site selling services, or (as originally intended) a blog. This is one of the reasons it’s the most popular content management system in the world and millions of websites use it. Even...
  • What is a WordPress Theme?

    Themes 101; What are WordPress Themes?

    In November 25, 2015
    One of the first questions you’ll have after deciding to use a WordPress site is something along the lines of “How do I make it look good?” or “What does it mean by ‘theme’?”. We’ll look at what a theme does and why you’d want to use one in...
  • Halloween Resources for Designers

    Halloween Themed Resources For Websites

    In October 29, 2015
    (Quick heads up; the links in this post are affiliate links, if you do purchase something through them I get a few bucks. Mostly they’re just cool) With dark stomping in early, leaves crunching underfoot, and  Halloween skipping up to our doorsteps and demanding a treat (lest you be...
  • best elevate themes

    Enhance your website traffic

    In October 22, 2015
    Have you created a website and you have no idea how to generate the right amount of traffic? The Minimalist wordpress theme is your answer. It’s obvious nobody would be interested in visiting a website that has nothing attractive or is too difficult to understand. Minimalist wordpress themes are...

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